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Abusive Controlling Relationships
Access Consciousness
Adi Da
Aesthetic Realism Foundation
African Sects
Agape Ministries
Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps
Alive and Well Aids Alternatives
Ananda Church of Self-Realization
Animal Rights and Environmental Extremists
Anti-Abortion Extremists
Apologetics Index
The Apostles of Infinite Love
Apostolic Faith Church
Apostolic Formation Center for Christian Renew-All
Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Plaster Rock
The Army of Mary
Art of Living Foundation
Aryan Brotherhood
Aryan Nations
The Assembly
The Attleboro/Robidoux Sect
Aum Sect - Shoko Asahara
Aumism/Golden Lotus
Awaiting Christ Church
Ayn Rand and Objectivism
BDX/"Beta Dominion Xenophilia"
Baptist Foundation of Arizona
Baruch Ha Shem
Benny Hinn
Bergholz Clan
Bethesda Home for Girls
Bill Gothard
Black Hebrews
Black Israelites
Black Jesus Steven Tari
Boko Haram
Born in Zion
Boston Marathon Bombing
Breivik, Anders Behring
The Brethren
Bride of Christ (Ã?sa Waldau)
Brisbane Christian Fellowship
Brother Julius
Brownsville Revival
The Bruderhof Communities
Buddhist/New Kadampa Tradition NKT
Buford Furrow
Built Anew Ministries
Burning Man
Calvary Chapel
Cambridge Psychotherapy Institute
Campus Crusade for Christ
Cargo Cults
Caritas of Birmingham
Catch the Fire Ministries
Chabad Lubavitch
Challenge Day
Champions for Christ
Chen-Tao/God's Salvation Church
Children of God/The Family
Children of Thunder
Chinese Sects
Christian Broadcasting Network
Christian Exodus
Christian Fellowship Churches
Christian Fundamentalists
Christian Identity
Christian Science
Christina Gallagher/House of Prayer
Christopher M. Nemelka
Chung Moo Quan-Martial Arts School
Church of Bible Understanding
Church of God International
Church of God Restoration
Church of Immortal Consciousness
Church of Israel
Church Universal and Triumphant
Church of the Firstborn and the General Assembly of Heaven
Clergy Abuse
Colonia Dignidad
Community Chapel
Concerned Christians
The Creativity Movement
Creciendo en Gracia
Crystal Cathedral
Cult Awareness Network
Cult Deprogramming
Dahn Yoga
Daronda Blevins Education Center and Multi-Age Community
Deepak Chopra
Deeper Life Christian Church
Defenders of Christ
Destiny Churches International
Divine Light Mission
Divine Madness/The Community "Gathering of Friends"
Divine Truth
Dominion Christian Centre
Dove World Outreach Center
Dove of Oneness/NESARA
Elior Chen
Elizabeth Smart Abduction
End Time Ministries
Endeavor Academy
Ephraim/Elia Holland
Eric Rudolph
Exclusive Brethren
Executive Intelligence Report
Exodus International
Exorcism and Spiritual Warfare
Faith Tabernacle Congregation
Faith Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith
False Memories
Falun Gong
The Family
Father Divine - International Peace Mission Movement
Fellowship of Friends
Fellowship of the Martyrs
First Family Church
Focus on the Family
Followers of Christ
The Forum
Foundation of Human Understanding
Four Winds Commune
Freedomain Radio
The Freeman Group
Friends Landing/WhiteWind Swan Fisher
Friends of Andrew Cohen Everywhere
Friends of the Eucharist
Ganas Community
The Gatekeepers
Gene Scott
General Assembly
General Assembly Church of the First Born
The Gentle Wind Project
George Rekers
Gilbert Deya Ministries
Global Association of Culture and Peace
Global Community Communications Alliance
Global Revolution Church
Gloriavale/Neville Cooper
God's Creation Outreach Ministry
Goel Ratzon
Gordon Winrod
Gospel Assembly
Gospel Outreach Church of Pompton Plains, New Jersey
Grail Movement
Grandview Valley Baptist Church North
Great Commission International
The Great Life Foundation
Greater Grace World Outreach
Greater Ministries International
Greek Orthodox Monasteries
Growing Families International
Harold Camping
Hate Groups
Heartland Christian Academy
Heaven's Gate
Henry J. Lyons
Hillsong Church
His Community
His Community
Ho-no-Hana Sampogyo
Holy Order of Mans
Homestead Heritage
Hosanna Church
House of Israel
House of Judah
House of Prayer
House of Yahweh
The Hunger Project
Hutaree Christian Militia
IPIC International Inc.
Immaculate Conception Chapel
Immanuel's Temple Community Church
Impact Trainings
Infinity Forms of Yellow Remember
Inglesia ni Christo
Innersound/Ki Health
International Church of Christ
International House of Prayer
Irish Travelers
Islamic Fundamentalists
James Arthur Ray
Japanese Sects
Jeffrey Lundgren
Jehovah's Witnesses
Jerry Falwell
Jesus Army
Jesus Christ Followers - School of the Philippines
The Jesus Christians
Jesus People USA
Jewish Defense League
Jews for Jesus
Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker
John Birch Society
John Gray
John de Ruiter
Joyce Meyer
Juan Pablo Delgado
Jungshim/Ki Health
Kabbalah Centre
Kashi Ashram
Kenja Communications
Kenneth Copeland Ministries
King's Chapel of Norwich
Ku Klux Klan
La Familia
Landmark Education
League of the South
Lee Boyd Malvo
Legionaries of Christ
Life Space
The Little Pebble
Littleton, Colorado School Shootings
Living Love Fellowship
The Local Church
Lord's Resistance Army
Love Holy Trinity Blessed Mission
Love Israel Family
Magnificat Meal Movement
Mankind Project
Manmin Church
The Manson Family
Maranatha Ministries
Margaret Thaler Singer, Ph.D.
Maryville Academy
Master Path
Messianic Jews
Michael Woroniecki
Mike Murdock
Militias or private armies and Extremist Groups
Millennial Madness?
Miracle of Love
Mississippi "Cult" Murders
Mohan Singh/Michael Lyons
Moorish Science Temple of America, Inc
The Mormon Church
Mount Zion Full Gospel Ministries
Mountain Park Baptist Church and Boarding Academy
Munib Farhat
Nakami Chi Group Ministries International
Nation of Islam
National Alliance
National Heritage Family
National Labor Federation
Neo American Church
Neo Nazis
Neturei Karta
Network International Investment Corp.
New Alliance Party
New Birth Missionary Baptist Church
New Covenant Faith Church
New Gnostic Church
New Life Tabernacle
New Lighthouse Movement
Newest Way to Wealth
No Greater Joy Ministries
No Greater Joy Ministries
No Name Fellowship
North Korea
Nuevo Jerusalem, Mexico
Odyssey Study Group, OSG, Fourth Way School
One Mind Ministries
Opus Dei
Oral Roberts University and Ministries
Order of Christ Sophia
The Order of the Last Times/The Palmarian Church
Overcomers Ministry
Pagtulun-an sa Dios Amahan
Pana Wave
Pastor John's House
Peniel Pentecostal Church
People Unlimited
People's Mujahedeen
Perverted Justice
Peter Lucas Moses Jr
Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association
Phillip Garrido, Jaycee Dugard kidnapping
Pilgrim House
Polygamist Groups
The Prayer Palace
Pre-Paid Legal
The Process Church
Promise Keepers
Queen Shahmia, "Daughter of God"
Radiant Life Church
Rainbow Family
Rama Behera
Ramon Gustavo Castillo
Ramtha School of Enlightenment
Re-evaluation counselling
Rebirth in Christ Church
Redeemer Baptist Church and School
Remuda Ranch of Arizona
Republic of Texas Militia
Rest of Jesus Ministry
Restored House of Yahweh
Revival Centres International
Rhema Worship Center
Richmond Outreach Center (ROC)
Roebuck Counselling Centre
Russian Sects
Sabbatarian Church/Levita Township
Sahaja Yoga
Salmullah/God's Kingdom of Eden
Salva Me of the Philippines
The Samaritan Foundation
Sant Baba Amar Singh
Santa Muerta/Saint Death
Sathya Sai Baba
Satria Piningit Weteng Buwono
Seishin Chuo Kyokai
Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre
Self-Realization Fellowship
Set Free
Shambhala Soul Therapy
Siddha Meditation
Sky Kingdom
Snake Handling Pentecostal Sects
Society of St. Pius X
Soka Gakkai
Solar Temple
Soldiers of Heaven
Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart of Mary
The Source Family
Sovereign Citizen Movement
Sovereign Grace Ministries
Spiritual Rights Foundation
Sri Chinmoy
Sterling Institute of Relationship
Straight Inc.
Strong City
Subscription Selling Groups
Sukyo Mahikari
Suma Ching Hai
Sung Chi-li Association
Superior Universal Alignment
Swami Chetananda
Swami Nithyananda
Swami Prakashanand Saraswati/Shree Swamiji
Swami Rama
Symbionese Liberation Army
TV and Radio Preachers
Ted Haggard
Teen Boot Camps
Teen Challenge
Teen Mania
The Template Foundation
Ten Commandments of God
Terri Hoffman
Thierry Tilly
Timothy McVeigh
Token Tomo no Kai
Tony Alamo
Trans Continental Talent
Transcendental Meditation Movement
Trek Alliance
Tridentine Latin Rite Church
Trinity Broadcasting Network
Trinity Foundation
True & Living Church
True Russian Orthodox Church
Turning Point/People Knowhow
Twelve Tribes/Messianic Communities
The "Two by Twos"/ Cooneyites
Tyler Deaton Prayer Group
The UFO Believers
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Groups
Unification Church
United Pentecostal Church International
Universal Church Kingdom of God
Universal Knowledge Omaroo
Universal Medicine
University Bible Fellowship
Vampire Cult
Vibrational Individuation Program
Victory Church
Victory Outreach
Waco Davidians
Walden House
Waldorf Schools
Water of Life Ministries
Weigh Down
The Wesson Family
Westboro Baptist Church
White Supremacists
Wiebo Ludwig
Witches and Wicca
Without Walls International Church
Word of Faith Fellowship
Word of Life Christian Church
World Ministries
World Mission Society Church of God
World Wide Church of God
The Wright Family
Yahweh Ben Yahweh
Yarber Group
Year 2000 Bug/Y2K
Yoido Full Gospel
Your Black Muslim Bakery
Youth with a Mission
Zen Master Rama
Zhong Gong

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